Easter Scavenger Hunt


I can’t take credit for this tip, but I am passing it on because it was so much fun for the boys last year. Instead of hunting for eggs, we sent the kids on a scavenger hunt. I loved this idea the moment I saw it on WhatsUpMoms because I HATE hiding eggs all over and then having a war break out over who finds what. The scavenger hunt was something they could do together and then just get their baskets at the end. They loved it and I plan on doing it again this year.

Here is a link to the original video from WhatsUpMoms. I think I mostly used her clues, but here is a printable of mine if you want something to print and go. Easter Scavenger Hunt

I really liked these special little eggs to hide the clues in.

Easter Eggs

Check out Harry and Liam on their hunt last year.



Leprechaun Hide and Seek

I’ve been wanting to post for a while but as most moms know, even small blips in routine can send the whole family spinning. Well, in a span of 2 weeks we have bought a new home and sold our old home. Sad to be leaving our town, but excited for what is ahead. And, it has been crazy!

But now to get back into routine, I want to post a little something. The boys and I were lucky enough to have some friends over for an early play date before school. Last night I threw together this little game to help harness the energy of 4 well-rested children!

It is basically the “Hide the Button” game that is posted on my printable page, but using St. Patrick’s Day pictures instead. I printed out 6 of each picture and then wrote 1,2 or 3 on the backs before laminating them and cutting them out.


Then I hid them all around the playroom and set the kids looking. Once they were done we tallied the scores using this game board. Each one took a different colored marker and then colored in the number of squares they had earned according to the backs of the pictures. It took two rounds to fill the board and then they all colored in the center together.


Want to give it a try? Print out the pictures and game board here.

Game Board and Leprechaun Hide and Seek

Have fun!

Marvelous March


March is around the corner and there is lots of fun to be had! Check out the calendar here: Calendar and enjoy some of the activities I found to keep you busy!


No go have some fun!


Puppy Practice


Looking for a fun way to teach your child about telling time? Look no further, Pocket Puppy is here. Check it out in action: Liam and his Pocket Puppy

This little printout will help teach them to tell time and also how to care for a little puppy. Click here  to print  out your own: Puppy Practice

For my boys I just printed it out and laminated it. I used a punch and a small brad to assemble the clock. We always hang things like this on the fridge and use tape to move the pieces around. You don’t need to laminate it, but it does make it last longer.


Then to play with it as a tool to teach time, I just set the clock and then ask the boys what Puppy is supposed to do next. Then they can move him to the right card on the fridge. Or, ask them to pick an activity for Puppy and then set the time on the clock to match.

Puppy 2

You can also just staple these pictures onto a poster board and move Puppy from pocket to pocket.

Your kids will be time-telling masters before you know it!

Have fun and if you like this activity share it on Facebook!

Love Your Pet Day


As you may know, February 20th is Love Your Pet Day. Below is a link to a great activity from one of my favorite websites to get your little ones thinking about how to love and care for animals. You don’t need a pet of your own to enjoy Love Your Pet Day! Learning how to care for animals will help your little one learn responsibility and empathy.

From Happy Hooligans: Animal Hospital


Looking for a cut and paste activity? Check out my Pet Counting Printable:Counting Pets


Happy Groundhog Day

Yesterday we dug into our Busy Book and got to work on making some groundhogs. We did this same craft last year, so I knew it would be a winner. We started with paper cups which I covered in green construction paper. Then I gave the boys the job of cutting the green at the top into grass. Harry decided they should add their names. Finally we colored in our groundhogs. I glued them to cardboard out of the recycle bin so that they would stand up a little better. Then a little tape to get them onto the craft sticks and we were ready to go!

Groundhog Craft

Harry took over once they were finished and decided that we should act out the whole groundhog process with the aid of a flashlight. There was a bit of fighting when we tried to do it together so we did separate videos instead. If you want to see them you can check them out on youtube.

Once they got tired of that Harry decided it was time to make them some clothes. This required some laminating so that they could take the clothes on and off. Apparently groundhogs like to change a lot.


Harry read Liam the groundhog story while I laminated. All in all kids had a great time and we had at least 60 minutes with no (almost no) tears, fights or injuries!

Here’s hoping for an early spring!