Learn to draw!

I never thought about how freeing it would be for my kids to have some guidelines on how ed emberlyto draw stuff. This Christmas my sister (Hi Jenny!) got my sons Ed Emberley’s Make a World which teaches them how to draw loads of stuff. They love this book!

I thought at first that having a drawing book would stifle their creativity, but it was the opposite. Now they could finally draw all the things in their minds! They started making up stories and illustrating them, and they have not stopped.

Today Harry was working on his new book, C is for Clover, which is an ABC book about St. Patrick’s Day. When he got to P he needed some help drawing St. Patrick and that is how I stumbled upon this website: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/learn-to-draw-saint-patrick. Both boys had so much fun drawing St. Patrick that I kept digging and found a few more March themed drawing pages. Check them out here:

These are just links to the drawing instructions but this whole website is really fantastic. Check it out and let me know what you think!







Favorite Things: Mopnado!

I can’t help it. I love this mop. My 4 year old and I spent some serious time researching Mopnadomops and after many YouTube videos we settled on MOPNADO!

I don’t want to be dramatic, but it is really the best mop I’ve ever owned. In general, mops gross me out. I never think they are clean and I always feel like the floor is covered in nasty, dirty water when I’m done.

For a long time I used a steam mop but it always smelled musty after and the cleaning pad would be soaked and filthy halfway through.

But now . . . I can rinse and wash the mop as I go, and the spinner gets it so dry that I can walk on the floors in minutes. It is also really clean. The spill test (when you spill some water and then wipe it up right after you mopped and find that the towel is filthy) has shown that even after a day the floor is clean.

And it’s FUN!

Mopnado Collage

Don’t believe me? Check out my mopping boys on YouTube.

Click here if you want your own! I must have a Mopnado.

Have something better you think I should try? Leave a comment.