Get Moving!

While I should be thinking of all the fun events in April (and writing a post about that instead) I am actually only thinking of ways to keep the children occupied during April vacation. Usually this means crafts and worksheets. However, I have realized that my children need to MOVE! So I’m trying to come up with more ways to incorporate controlled movement. In other words, how can I get them moving without having them go completely crazy and destroying everything in their path.

Kids Moving

My first idea is just a simple daily exercise time where we can all get a dose of movement and get the blood pumping. Since I rarely make it to the gym, I see the benefits for me as well! To keep it orderly I came up with 24 simple exercises and printed them up on cards. Each one is either done 10 times or is performed while counting slowly to 10. I let the kids call out the exercises, but I do the counting so they don’t go to fast. You don’t have to do all the cards at once. For today I decided to start slow and just have them choose 10 from the stack. Once I get my schedule completed I will try to split them into 3 or 4 quick sessions a day.

Print out your own set here: Get Moving Cards

I’ve set it up to print on both sides if you want the cute picture on each. If not, just print pages 1 and 3. Here’s how ours look printed (and laminated of course!)



Now go and get moving!



3 thoughts on “Get Moving!

  1. I love it. A way to sneak in your workout while playing with your kids : )

    I always let Amelia teach me a “yoga-ballet” class. She has great moves that help me stretch and it truly relaxes us both. I should suggest it just when I sense a screaming match about to begin!

    Thanks for your ideas!

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