A Time for Everything!

I love schedules.

If I enjoy something, I want to put it on a schedule. If I hate something, I want to put it on a schedule.

I like routine because it reduces the amount of active thinking I have to do while handling three crazy kids. The fortunate thing is that kids ALSO LOVE schedules! I didn’t realize 61AcehvdziL._SL1000_how much until Harry and Liam started playing school and running through Harry’s actual school schedule with their toys and stuffed animals. He even made his own version of the schedule board they use at school.

Click on the picture if you want one of your own. It’s only about $10 and I do think it would be really fun to have, but I’m going to stick with a laminated printout that I can stick on the fridge.

I used an hourly schedule with the kids last summer and it really helped keep things under control. Last year I did it hourly, but this year I’m going to make it even more detailed and do it by 30 minute increments. Of course, the key to a good schedule is being willing to abandon it if something great comes up. But for those days you are all just stuck together, having a schedule can really reduce fighting and keep you sane.

April Vacation!

April vacation is nearly here, and I’m going to use it to try out a new schedule with the boys.

Come back soon to check it out!


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