Don’t go the extra mile . . .

When I think up activities, there is always a grand plan. That doesn’t mean I always make it to the finish line though. One thing my boys have taught me is that they are more than willing to finish the race for me. Tonight’s post is a perfect example of that.

I came up with an idea to encourage them to write some funny little stories. Here was the grand plan, which I still hope to sit and do with them, and then I will explain how far I got and what the kids did with what I had.

I went online and found a bunch of pictures that I though were either cute, funny or interesting.

Build a Story.jpg

I printed them out and (of course) laminated them. I cut them out and had grand plans of separating them out into characters, settings and exciting elements and then using them to help the boys create silly little stories. I had them all organized and ready to go when the baby woke up and made it too difficult to sit and explain my big ideas to the boys. So, instead I tossed the cards at them as I ran upstairs to get the baby.

When I came back down there they were pairing up characters with different locations and elements and making up funny scenarios. It didn’t keep them busy for hours, but they had a good laugh and are excited to take out the picture cards again to make up stories and play more games.

Sometimes, less is more. It’s nice to have big plans, but it’s sometimes even nicer to give the kids something interesting and then to let them figure out what fun they can have with it.

Here is a pdf with the images for you to try: Build a Story

Have fun!


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