Leprechaun Hide and Seek

I’ve been wanting to post for a while but as most moms know, even small blips in routine can send the whole family spinning. Well, in a span of 2 weeks we have bought a new home and sold our old home. Sad to be leaving our town, but excited for what is ahead. And, it has been crazy!

But now to get back into routine, I want to post a little something. The boys and I were lucky enough to have some friends over for an early play date before school. Last night I threw together this little game to help harness the energy of 4 well-rested children!

It is basically the “Hide the Button” game that is posted on my printable page, but using St. Patrick’s Day pictures instead. I printed out 6 of each picture and then wrote 1,2 or 3 on the backs before laminating them and cutting them out.


Then I hid them all around the playroom and set the kids looking. Once they were done we tallied the scores using this game board. Each one took a different colored marker and then colored in the number of squares they had earned according to the backs of the pictures. It took two rounds to fill the board and then they all colored in the center together.


Want to give it a try? Print out the pictures and game board here.

Game Board and Leprechaun Hide and Seek

Have fun!


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