Puppy Practice


Looking for a fun way to teach your child about telling time? Look no further, Pocket Puppy is here. Check it out in action: Liam and his Pocket Puppy

This little printout will help teach them to tell time and also how to care for a little puppy. Click here  to print  out your own: Puppy Practice

For my boys I just printed it out and laminated it. I used a punch and a small brad to assemble the clock. We always hang things like this on the fridge and use tape to move the pieces around. You don’t need to laminate it, but it does make it last longer.


Then to play with it as a tool to teach time, I just set the clock and then ask the boys what Puppy is supposed to do next. Then they can move him to the right card on the fridge. Or, ask them to pick an activity for Puppy and then set the time on the clock to match.

Puppy 2

You can also just staple these pictures onto a poster board and move Puppy from pocket to pocket.

Your kids will be time-telling masters before you know it!

Have fun and if you like this activity share it on Facebook!


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