Around here, vacation week is about to begin. That means lots of hours to fill with  your little ones. While it is great to get out and go places, it is important to have activities ready to go at home as well. This is especially true if you are dealing with siblings.

Below are four activities that are easy to launch and will keep your kids occupied and having fun.

Button Hide and Seek

You can really use anything for this, but I like to use buttons of different shapes and sizes so you can assign them different point values based on color or shape. (Click the image to get the buttons we have.) If your kids are prone to squabbling make sure you hide the buttons in different rooms and then give them each a certain amount of time to find buttons in that location. I like to do 10 minutes and then let them switch for 5 so that they can find any the other child missed.

Once they are done searching, you have a ready to go math activity. Want it to take even longer? Have them sort and count the buttons before you hide them. This is especially good for siblings who are competitive so they can divide them equally before you hide them. Click on the picture to buy the buttons we use. And if you want a free printable to keep score, click here: Button Hide and Seek

Scrabble Letter Fun

Did you know you can buy a bag of Scrabble letters on scrabbleAmazon? (Click the image to get your own.) I split them up between the kids and then have them make words. Each gets a piece of paper to write them on, or a dry erase board. When they start to seem bored of that game, you can use the words as an activity. They can draw pictures to go with them or write a story or poem inspired by them. Don’t feel like shelling our cash for letters? Just write them on squares of paper or post-it notes.

The Dots Game

300px-Dots-and-boxes.svgMy mom used to play this with my sister and me. I won’t try to explain it myself, here is a link to a great explanation: Dots and Boxes. Don’t feel like drawing all those boxes? I did it for you: Dots and Boxes. If you have a laminating machine you can laminate it and use it over and over!

In addition to Dots you can play many other simple pen and paper games like Hang Man, MASH and Tic Tac Toe

Get A Headgiraffe-308771_1280.png

This is also a game you can play with just pen and paper, but I’ve make up a printable for you to use to give it a little more structure: Get A Head Just print out the sheets and cut them down the center line. Then fold along the horizontal line so that the head is flipped backwards and not visible. Now have your child draw a funny body to go along with the head. They don’t know what the head looks like so these can end up pretty funny depending how into it they get.

Hope these games keep you busy! Have some ideas of your own? Post them below!


2 thoughts on “Vacation!

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