Happy Groundhog Day

Yesterday we dug into our Busy Book and got to work on making some groundhogs. We did this same craft last year, so I knew it would be a winner. We started with paper cups which I covered in green construction paper. Then I gave the boys the job of cutting the green at the top into grass. Harry decided they should add their names. Finally we colored in our groundhogs. I glued them to cardboard out of the recycle bin so that they would stand up a little better. Then a little tape to get them onto the craft sticks and we were ready to go!

Groundhog Craft

Harry took over once they were finished and decided that we should act out the whole groundhog process with the aid of a flashlight. There was a bit of fighting when we tried to do it together so we did separate videos instead. If you want to see them you can check them out on youtube.

Once they got tired of that Harry decided it was time to make them some clothes. This required some laminating so that they could take the clothes on and off. Apparently groundhogs like to change a lot.


Harry read Liam the groundhog story while I laminated. All in all kids had a great time and we had at least 60 minutes with no (almost no) tears, fights or injuries!

Here’s hoping for an early spring!


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